About Me

This online portfolio is a place for me to develop and showcase my architectural ideas that either never made the final cut during University, concept designs that inspired projects during meetings, or just casual sketches whilst being subject to the Christmas Soap Box clash on TV.
am currently embarking on my Part III having studied Architecture BA(Hons) and MArch in Architecture. I am developing a career in architecture that is designed in conjunction with the built environment cohesively which enables a space to provide a sense of wellbeing to the end user and to create an atmosphere that is uniquely present in an invisible context. I am currently writing a thesis on ‘Form & Function’ and ‘Less is more’ concepts. I believe strongly that Form and Function are equal entities, and that Less is more when more is organised to appear Less.
I am an active on social media platforms for both Instagram (@HRlambert) and Twitter (@Heeerins), However this particular platform of my work explores the ‘make believe’ side of my Gemini mind, and here you are likely to find the most arbitrary of architecture projects and visuals*

*In others words I needed somewhere to showcase my work and another password and username to remember.

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