Splatter Light Design

Light design for Sparks & Future Design light Competition 2016

SPARKS’s mission to help children is the inspiration behind the creation of a light fixture that personifies their creative expression. When a child is given paints and paper, they rarely stick to the constraints of their blank canvas. The world is their canvas; the kitchen cupboard could do with meticulously placed lime green handprints and the bathrooms’ white pristine tiles look funkier with splatter patterns.

Therefore, the influence comes from the aspect of taking paint and launching it at a white space, abstracting the pattern created and transcribing it into a three dimensional light for a child’s bedroom. Integrated Human Centric Lighting will help create a soothing light transition to help the child fall asleep and wake up. The dynamic changes of colour temperature and illuminance, along with a wide distribution of direct and indirect light stimulates the human circadian rhythm reducing sleep disorders, dependency on medication and need for intensive care treatment.

The Splatter Lamp is a playful take on a paint splatter mixed with a light source expressing a child’s need to be messy and free - brightly coloured to match their toys and abstract to ignite their imagination with different patterns created by light and shadow.

Final Render 
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