Vertical City mark II

Beginning of CPD project for Architecture year 6, ' Bringing back the tower blocks'

London’s population is increasing, as a city it is unable to successfully house its residents, in which they are being forced to move out of London and therefore have to commute back in, which has a diverse effect on TFL.
London is becoming a stagnant ecosystem. In which there is a call to bring back the concept of Residential tower blocks into the city to bring back a healthy balance of residential living, tourism, leisure and business.  
Tower blocks were originally an emergency response to housing a large number of the population following the war. Riding on the back of modernism, residential tower blocks in London all demonstrate a different stage of social acceptance, quality, design and purpose. The last tower residential tower block to be constructed in London was the Shake sphere Tower, Barbican. 
Trellick  Tower
Alma Road
Site: Lea Mouth Peninsula, London
Site; Lea Mouth Peninsula,  London
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